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Self-care isn't selfish and integrating self-care into your weekly routine, at either work or home can help you recharge and avoid burnout.

  • Kim-Dung Mai

    Nurse supervisor and Yoga enthusiast

    "As healthcare workers, we are so focused on meeting the needs of others that we often lose ourselves. It’s important to care for yourself and do what makes you happy."

Self-care activities

Browse and download activities to support your self-care.

Self-care checklist

This checklist can help serve as a reminder to take some time for yourself each day.

Self-care BINGO

Take time to recharge and check off these self-care activities with BINGO.

Negative to Positive

Focusing on the positive will help reframe your approach to less-than-perfect situations.

Going-home checklist

This checklist can help you assess your day before going home to be with loved ones.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Take time away from work to do something that brings you joy.

If you’re a regular full-time or part-time employee, you earn PTO to use for holidays, vacations, sick days and other personal reasons.

  • You start earning (accruing) PTO on your first day of work.
  • The amount you accrue is based on the number of regular hours you work (up to your standard hours) and years of service.
  • The more years of service you have, the more PTO you can accrue.

Always coordinate with your supervisor to keep him or her up to date on your plans to take time off.

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Care | Baylor Scott & White Health (2024)
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