Fact Check: Is Garth Brooks Really A Serial Killer? (2024)


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If Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s that a serial killer can be anyone. But does that mean that the country music singer Garth Brooks is also one of them? The buttoned-up shirt and cowboy hat-wearing musician who brought rock and pop into country music doesn’t look like a guy who buries bodies. Yet, his comment section has been inundated with the same question.

People always seem to want to know where Garth hid the bodies. Is this a reference to any of his songs, or should people take out their junior detective kits and start tagging the FBI in his posts? Well, this began not because of a song. But because of a tour announcement that spiraled into a viral joke by comedian Tom Segura.

No, Garth Brooks, the famed country musician, isn’t a serial killer. There’s no legal proof or evidence of him being a murderer. This is a rumor whose origin was in 2018, thanks to a video by the country singer where he talked about “getting physical playing music.” YMH Studios ran with this line and created the joke that Brooks is a serial killer with bodies buried in his property. Over the years, this caught fire, and now every video of the musician has such comments.

Is Garth Brooks Really a Serial Killer?

Tom Segura Says Garth Brooks Finally Blocked Him On Instagram And Doesn’t Like The Serial Killer Jokes https://t.co/u2PP5XGRBP pic.twitter.com/oZZ5r1PboO

— David Chapa Music (@DavidChapaMusic) June 27, 2023

American country musician and Country Music Hall of Fame member Garth Brooks isn’t a serial killer. He hasn’t been investigated by law enforcement and other legal authorities regarding any murder case.At least, not that we know of. So from where did the serial killer jokes underneath almost every post of his begin?

It all started in 2018 when Garth posted a video announcing his stadium tour on his Instagram. The video was widely circulated and joked about back then, especially one line said by the singer caught people’s eye-“getting physical playing music.” One of the people who had a field day with it was YMH (Your Mom’s House) Studios’ Tom Segura.

He and his co-hosts Fahim Anwar and Christina P posted a video where they alleged that the musician is a serial killer with many bodies buried on his property. Segura said in the video, “What he’s thinking about is all the bodies he’s got stacked in graves in his yard, for sure. He’s probably killed 200 to 300 people in his life.”


The video didn’t contain any serious allegations and was completely comedic. Fans of YMH studios loved this claim. After all, the idea of a country music star having bodies buried in his backyard was an insane and yet hilarious image. So they began bombarding Brooks’ comments section with comments related to him burying bodies.

Also, what helped this joke get traction are some alleged coincidences. Some people said that the places where Garth held his concerts also had missing person cases soon after. However, nothing has ever been revealed regarding this, and it, too, seems like a joke that has been repeated and then perpetuated in the internet community.

Garth Brooks is a murderer who has killed countless fans @ATIBarstool @tomsegura pic.twitter.com/R2vifDLUW6

— KFC (@KFCBarstool) January 20, 2021

It seemed like for years Garth Brooks nor his team knew what these comments referred to, and neither has he ever told people to stop commenting on these things. Also, Tom Segura has made jokes about the musician being a serial killer several times since then. In fact, his podcast had segments dedicated to this one bit for years.

For example, segments like “Where Are The Bodies Garth” and “Garth Brooks Sucks” were a part of the podcast for many years. However, nowadays, Garth is aware of the jokes perpetuated by the hosts of the YMH Studios podcast. As such, he has blocked Tom Segura.

so garth brooks is a murderer!?!??? pic.twitter.com/yY4ZBL5nYm

— elise (@eliseemarie3) June 20, 2020

The comedian revealed this on the This Past Weekend podcast and stated that Brooks knew about the joke. However, he apparently didn’t understand why Tom only talked about him. Even though Brooks has blocked Segura, it doesn’t look like the jokes about him keeping buried bodies will stop soon.

The only way to ensure that the jokes stop completely is for Garth to come out and address it. But it looks like that’ll never happen, as the musician could risk angering his fanbase or alienating them in the worst case. Also, will Tom stop repeating the joke in future podcasts now that Garth has blocked him?

After all, the block from the country singer indicates that he isn’t exactly pleased with the comedian for perpetuating the jokes for at least five years. Also, it doesn’t seem like Segura is going to stop. After all, the joke is a hit, and it doesn’t seem like Brooks’ brand has taken any hits due to it.

In fact, the opposite has happened, where this joke has made him part of the zeitgeist. However, it remains to be seen if this situation escalates further.

What are your thoughts on the widespread fake rumor of Garth Brooks being a serial killer? Did Tom Segura and his team cross a line by perpetuating this joke over the years? Did Garth do the right thing by blocking Tom? Or should he have done this years ago?

Let us know in the comments below.

Fact Check: Is Garth Brooks Really A Serial Killer? (2024)
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