UVA School of Medicine MD Program Admissions Process (2024)

UVA School of Medicine MD Program Admissions Process (1)

Our students come from broad and diverse backgrounds, bringing together a wide range of life experiences and interests. We take a holistic approach to our application process and evaluate applicants on several factors, including academic achievement (GPA and MCAT scores), healthcare and volunteer experience, life experience, personal statement, and letters of recommendation. For those who are invited, the personal interview is also an important component of the selection process.

About our Students

Student Experiences

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The UVA School of Medicine has a diverse student body with a wide variety of life experiences and interests. For example, a significant number of our students come from backgrounds in the humanities or social sciences. About half of our students completed their undergraduate education a year or more before starting medical school, devoting time to employment service opportunities, research projects, or other educational pursuits.

Our students embrace a learning environment that offers an innovative and challenging curriculum, a welcoming and caring learning community.

Student Experiences

Learn about Student Life

About the Application Process

The UVA School of Medicine typically receives over 5,000 applications each year. Approximately 650 applicants are invited to interview. We use a rolling admission process. Early application is encouraged.

General Requirements

In order to successfully apply to the UVA School of Medicine MD program, candidates must meet a number of General Requirements to move forward. See below sections for specifics.

When asked for the qualities that are important for us in a medical student, we often note that we are looking for individuals who are authentic and the best versions of themselves. We consider shadowing activities with a physician to be very important, but also recognize the various other ways that students can be exposed to healthcare experiences, including, but not limited to a scribe program, as an EMT, pharmacy tech, or phlebotomist. Personal or family experience with healthcare is also considered.

Letters of Recommendation

The UVA School of Medicine only accepts letters of evaluation/recommendation through AMCAS. Do not mail letters of recommendation directly to the UVA School of Medicine.

We prefer letters of recommendation from a premedical advisor evaluation. If this service is unavailable, we request a minimum of two letters, preferably from science professors or the equivalent. You also may submit individual letters along with a premed advising evaluation.

There is no limit to the number of letters you may submit. But keep in mind that your application will be stronger with just a few meaningful letters from individuals who know you well, rather than with a larger number of superficial letters.

Admissions Cycle

The Admissions Cycle for application to the School of Medicine is a multi-stage process. We encourage you to carefully read through the content on this page and begin your application early, so you have adequate time to provide all required information and meet all necessary criteria.

The UVA School of Medicine Admissions Office is available to help answer questions in preparation of your application.

We are available to answer questions regarding your application until May 1 of the year that you apply. Note: Case specific information cannot be provided on any active application.

Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee, is comprised of a diverse group of faculty and 4th year students selected from within the School of Medicine and is responsible for building each incoming class.

During meetings on Friday mornings, between the first week of September and the first week of March, the Admissions Committee listens to presentations about the applicants who were interviewed earlier in the week. The committee accounts for and discusses each applicant’s strengths and weaknesses, to inform a vote on who will receive an offer of admission.

Decisions on applications are sent by e-mail the following week.

Ready to begin your application?

AMCAS Application

Begin your application with AMCAS (Association of American Medical Colleges)

Apply Now

Here’s how to begin:

  1. Complete and submit your primary application here: AMCAS. (Applicants who received an AMCAS Fee Assistance Program Waiver also will be given a Supplemental Application Fee Waiver. Fee waivers must be submitted to and approved by AMCAS before UVA can process the Supplemental Application Fee Waiver.)
  2. Complete and submit the UVA supplemental application.
  3. Keep your AMCAS file updated.
  4. Once all materials are received, including MCAT scores and letters of recommendation, the application review process begins.
  5. Note: The secondary application fee of $80 can be waived with an AMCAS fee waiver.
  6. Questions? Call: (434) 924-5571 or e-mail somadm@virginia.edu.

AMCAS Application

Begin your application with AMCAS (Association of American Medical Colleges)

Apply Now

UVA School of Medicine MD Program Admissions Process (2024)
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