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news Cowboys' Steele Suffers Season-Ending Injury Terence Steele suffered a devastating injury against the Texans, one that will keep him off of the field until the 2023 season — costing the Cowboys one of their best players in the process.
news Spagnola: Nothing Ever Seems To Faze This Team So what if the Cowboys struggled for most of the game against the Texans? As they got it done when they needed to.
news Eatman: Without The Stand, There is No Final Drive The 98-yard game-winning drive doesn't happen without the defensive stand on the previous series.
news Cowboys' Peters on Move to RT: 'I Had No Idea' Jason Peters was asked to do something he was flat-out not prepared to do, but kept his promise to do whatever the Cowboys need, and they escaped upset because of it
news Diggs Battles Injuries As CBs Find Some Resiliency Now in his just his third professional season, Trevon Diggs has established his reputation as a No. 1 corner. But Sunday, he showed why his growth, along with the Cowboys defense, has extended beyond the field.
news Don't Forget These 5: Tank's Huge Tackle For Loss Plays that might get forgotten include a pair of Noah Brown catches and D-Law's crucial tackle for loss.
news Game Recap: Cowboys Rally For 27-23 Win The Cowboys were largely their own worst enemies through the first three quarters, but rallied in the fourth to come away with a 27-23 win over the lowly Texans.
news Cowboys Catch-Up: No Cheese, No Circus, All Focus The Cowboys will need to keep their focus in check on Sunday against a struggling Texans team, but there was plenty of conversation of roster movement and reaction from the Week 13 win over the Colts.
news Keys to Victory: Cowboys Need To Keep It Clean The Cowboys have more talent and more weapons. The only thing that can prevent them from winning this game is mistakes and penalties. But a clean game can mean an ugly outcome for the Texans.
news Cowboys Have No Interest in "Cheese" This Week It would be easy for the Cowboys to dismiss the Texans with bigger goals in mind. It's a good thing Dak Prescott has no interest in eating that cheese and falling prey to it.
news Lamb on Potential of Washington: 'He's Explosive' With so much talk surrounding the possible signing of Odell Beckham, Jr., many are overlooking the debut of James Washington, which might happen as early as Week 14 vs. the Texans.
news 5 Bucks: Elite Teams Finish; OBJ Worth the Risk This week's handful of points from Bucky Brooks include the Cowboys' ability to close out games and why OBJ is worth signing, even right now.
news Science Lab: Cowboys Learning How to Finish? Welcome to "The Science Lab", a place where football facts and in-depth analysis always triumph over feelings.
news How O-Line Shuffles With Tyron Smith's Return The Cowboys will gladly welcome All-Pro left tackle Tyron Smith back soon as he approaches his season debut. But it will force them to make decisions about playing time on their strong offensive line unit.
news Cowboys-Texans: How to Watch, Listen, Stream Two in-state rivals heading in wildly different directions could indicate a blowout to come for the Cowboys, but anybody can lose in the NFL, and the Texans want to serve that reminder
news Mick Shots: Cowboys Make A Really Good Call Discussing the Cowboys' handling of the OBJ situation, what's happening at cornerback and the nitpicking of Dak. Plus, it's time to talk jaguars with the Lion.
news OBJ Talks Still Going; Tank Not Wanting "A Circus" OBJ has left the building but the speculation hasn't. The Cowboys are still "working on" a deal with the free-agent WR.
news Cowboys' Wilson Has Reached Elite Status in 2022 Micah Parsons is well-known as 'The Lion' of the NFL, but Donovan Wilson has now earned a nickname of his own, and it couldn't be more fitting when considering what he does for Dallas
news Mackensie Alexander Signed by Cowboys, CB Fix? The solution for who'll replace Anthony Brown remains TBD heading into Week 14, but signing a former second-round pick helps the Cowboys make the competition very interesting.
news Jones on OBJ Deal: "This Has to Fit Both Parties" On his weekly radio segment, Jerry Jones detailed his meeting with Odell Beckham Jr. and how his injury factors into the situation.
Dallas Cowboys | Official Site of the Dallas Cowboys (2024)
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