Inter Milan 1-0 Porto - Champions League Round of 16 - Football - Sports Mole (2024)

Data Analysis

Our analysis of all available data, including recent performances and player stats up until an hour before kickoff, suggested the most likely outcome of this match was a Inter Milan win with a probability of 41.23%. A win for Porto had a probability of 31.38% and a draw had a probability of 27.4%.

The most likely scoreline for a Inter Milan win was 1-0 with a probability of 11.7%. The next most likely scorelines for that outcome were 2-1 (8.47%) and 2-0 (7.66%). The likeliest Porto win was 0-1 (9.89%), while for a drawn scoreline it was 1-1 (12.93%). The actual scoreline of 1-0 was predicted with an 11.7% likelihood. Our team at Sports Mole and our data analysis both correctly predicted a 1-0 win for Inter Milan in this match.

Inter Milan 1-0 Porto - Champions League Round of 16 - Football - Sports Mole (2024)


Inter Milan 1-0 Porto - Champions League Round of 16 - Football - Sports Mole? ›

Match Report

Has Inter Milan qualified for round of 16? ›

Italian champions Napoli also made it through after defeating Sporting Braga 2-0 to finish second in Group C behind Real Madrid. Here are the teams that qualified from the group stage: Bayern Munich (GER) Inter (ITA)

What was the sports mole prediction for Lazio vs Inter Milan? ›

A win for Lazio had a probability of 32.25% and a draw had a probability of 28.9%. The most likely scoreline for a Inter Milan win was 0-1 with a probability of 12.76%. The next most likely scorelines for that outcome were 1-2 (7.85%) and 0-2 (7.51%).

Who scored in the first leg of Inter vs Porto? ›

Late Lukaku goal gives Inter 1st leg win vs. Porto. Substitute Romelu Lukaku volleyed an 86th-minute goal to earn Inter Milan a 1-0 win over Porto in their Champions League last 16 first leg.

How many times did Inter Milan won the Italian League? ›

Inter have become the second team to win 20 Italian league titles and will have a second star stitched onto their jersey, after Juventus who are way out in the lead with 36 league crowns.

Who is bigger club Inter or Milan? ›

The Inter Milan website reveals that the club has won 43 trophies, whilst the AC Milan website reveals that they have won 49 trophies. Therefore, AC Milan are the more successful side out of the two rivals. Again it is very close between the two sides.

Which club is better Inter or Milan? ›

Inter Milan leads Serie A with 77 goals, 16 more than AC Milan which ranks second in the league in scoring, and has scored multiple goals in three straight matches.

Has Porto won the Champions League before? ›

They have won two UEFA Champions League titles (in 1987, as the European Cup, and 2004), two UEFA Europa League titles (in 2003, as the UEFA Cup, and 2011), one UEFA Super Cup (in 1987), and two Intercontinental Cups (in 1987 and 2004), for a total of seven international trophies.

What year did Porto win? ›

The last time they were in this situation, back in 2004, Jose Mourinho's side completed a famous aggregate victory over Manchester United — and went on to win the European Cup. That Porto side remains the last from outside the major European leagues to win the trophy.

Who did Porto beat in 2004? ›

AS Monaco, a Monaco-based club representing the French Football Federation, faced Portuguese side Porto at the Arena AufSchalke in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Porto won the match 3–0, with Carlos Alberto, Deco and Dmitri Alenichev scoring the goals in a dominant game from Mourinho's Porto. Deco was named Man of the Match.

Who owns Inter Milan? ›

Oaktree's ownership ownership of Inter Milan came after the club failed to repay a EUR395 million ($428 million) loan. The Serie-A club - part of one of the top soccer leagues in the world - was owned by Chinese retailer Suning (CN:002024), which bought a majority stake in 2016.

Which Italian club has won the most Serie A titles? ›

The most successful club is Juventus with 36 championships, followed by Inter Milan with 20 championships and AC Milan with 19 championships.

Why does Juventus have three stars? ›

And last but not least, Juventus included the 3 stars above the logo. The 3 stars represent the ultimate pride of the club - league titles! On national team shirts, we see the same type of stars on the logos. A star for each World Cup title the country has won.

Who has qualified for the Champions League round of 16? ›

Teams in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Every team qualified
TeamDate progressedGroup
Bayern Munich (GER)Nov. 8Group A
Real Madrid (SPA)Nov. 8Group C
Real Sociedad (SPA)Nov. 8Group D
Inter Milan (ITA)Nov. 8Group D
12 more rows
May 8, 2024

Which teams have qualified for the Champions League round of 16? ›

Champions League round of 16: Meet the teams
  • Porto vs Arsenal.
  • Napoli vs Barcelona.
  • Paris vs Real Sociedad.
  • Inter vs Atlético de Madrid.
  • PSV vs Dortmund.
  • Lazio vs Bayern.
  • Copenhagen vs Man City.
  • Leipzig vs Real Madrid.
Feb 14, 2024

Is Inter Milan eliminated from Champions League? ›

Inter lost on penalties to Atletico Madrid on Wednesday night so the Nerazzurri were eliminated from the Champions League Round of 16 following Napoli, Lazio and Milan. The Rossoneri had been knocked out in the group phase.

Who made the round of 16 Champions League? ›

UEFA Champions League Round of 16 draw in full
Round of 16 fixturesFirst legSecond leg
Lazio vs. Bayern MunichLazio 1-0 BayernBayern 3-0 Lazio
Copenhagen vs. Manchester CityCopenhagen 1-3 Man CityCopenhagen 1-3 Man City
RB Leipzig vs. Real MadridLeipzig 0-1 Real MadridReal Madrid 1-1 RB Leipzig
5 more rows
Mar 13, 2024

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