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Patricia Peters

March 31, 1928 - March 3, 2024

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Patricia Ann Peters, 95, of Bowman, ND died peacefully at Southwest Healthcare Long Term Facility in Bowman, ND on Sunday, March 3, 2024.

Visitation will be from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Friday, March 8, 2024. The funeral services are scheduled for Saturday,March 9, 2024 at 2:00 PM at Krebsbach and Kulseth Funeral Service. Pastor Renee Johnson will officiate with burial to follow at the Bowman Cemetery. After the burial there will be fellowship at Krebsbach and Kulseth Funeral Home.

Patricia Rankin was born to Gladys and George M. Rankin on March 31, 1928 in Bristol, SD. Her family moved around a few places before settling near Marmarth, ND. When she was six weeks old her family moved to Buffalo Springs and rented a farm, then they moved to a ranch near the Montana state lineand farmed for five years. In 1936 they moved and settled on a ranch west of Marmarth, ND where they operated a dairy farmfor 10 years while they managed the stockyards. Patricia helped feed and check in the cattle that ranchers brought to the stockyards to be shipped out on railroad cars during the drought. Someone brought in an injured horse to the stockyard thatPatricia and her mom nursed back to health. Patricia contacted the owner after it was healthy and bought the horse for $17.50. Patricia named her new love Bobbie. She had a special connection with Bobbie and if anyone else tried to ride her, they got bucked off. She also acquired a naughty goat that she loved,but it got into lots of trouble so she had to give it away. She had a unique relationship with all animals. At a very young age she would walk the cattle out to graze and one day she decided to jump on a calf’s back and it let her ride it. She named this calfJudy and rode her around until she acquired Bobbie.

Patricia and her family milked up to 30 head of dairy cows and she drove their Model T to deliver the milk to local businesses and residents. While her father was renewing his driver’s license, the license issuer asked Patricia (age 9) if she would like a driver’s license and she said “Sure!” The local sheriff found out and tried to take away her driver’s license and all the business owners chased him away because she needed her license to deliver the milk.

She graduated from the 8th grade in the Marmarth School and finished a couple of years of high school. She quit high school because some boys were very disruptive in the classroom and she was not able to learn with the disruption. The teacher could not control the boys and the school board was no help so she did not finish high school.

Patricia met her future husband Darel Thomas (Tom) Peters when he visited her parent’s house. He asked her out on a date the next time he visited and she eventually married Tom on June 2, 1956 in Miles City, MT. They lived in Bowman for several years and eventually built a new home south of Bowman in 1973. Patricia and Tom farmed and ranched until Tom’s stroke in 1999 and then they leased out the farmland and Patricia continued to manage their affairs and feed the livestock with a tractor until she was in her 80’s. Patricia was able to live on the ranch up until she was 95 when she entered long term care when she became ill.

She always had a garden and a love of flowers, she enjoyed visiting with friends and family when they stopped by and playing with her many cats, her latest cats were Soot (she raised with a bottle), Beth and her beloved dog Mya. Over the years she had several loyal animal companions. Her dog Pickles was always by her side and once saved her from a cougar while they were out in the pasture. Another dog she had named Lassie would guard the gate for her while she would feed the cattle.

She was always excited when friends and family dropped off meals for her as it was also a chance to visit and look at pictures on those “fancy cell phones”. She loved how technology had advanced and she couldn’t believe you could see people face to face over the phone when they lived across the US. Patricia enjoyed her weekly trips to the sale barn for lunch with Janice Burk, conversation with friends and a chance to be around the cattle. Patricia loved calving season because she got to watch the baby calves running and frolicking in the pasture.

Patricia was a hard-working, smart business woman with a beautiful, gentle soul and she will be missed by all she touched. We will sure miss that sweet smile and infectious laugh.

She was proceeded in death by husband Tom Peters, parents: George M. Rankin and Gladys Rankin, brothers:William Neil Rankin, and George James Rankin, brothers-in-law: Emery Peters, Albert Mosbrucker, Paul Peters and sisters-in-law: Delores Rankin, Doris Mosbrucker, Mary Lou Peters, Isabelle Peters, Helen Anderson, and Laura Peters.

She is survived by brother-in-law Eugene Peters and many nieces and nephews.

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Obituary | Patricia Peters of Bowman, North Dakota | Krebsbach Funeral Service (2024)
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