MHS GENESIS - Patient Portal (2024)

The MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is a secure website for 24/7 access to your health information, including managing appointments and exchanging messages with your care team. Along with the new electronic health record, the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal launched at Fairchild Air Force Base (AFB) in February 2017 and and later at Naval Hospital Oak Harbor, Naval Hospital Bremerton, and at Madigan Army Medical Center. On September 7, 2019, MHS GENESIS went live at CAL MED and all of its clinics.

Key Features and Benefits

  • View your health information
  • Messages to your care team
  • Request appointments
  • Request prescription renewals
  • View notes from your clinical visits

More Information

For assistance with DS Logon issues, contact the DMDC/DEERS Support office at:


Patient Portal DS Logon

To create ant then access the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal, visit

  • If you do not have a common access card (CAC) or a MyPay account, you will need to create a DS Logon account to access the Patient Portal.
  • Under the DS Logon column, click "Need an account" to begin the signup process.
  • To ensure MHS GENESIS can confirm your identity and provide the highest levels ofcyber security and safeguards of your health information, the process to obtain a DSLogon requires a four-question quiz to some personal financial information, your DoDID number (found on your military ID Card), and confirmation of a previous address.You will be allowed 3 mins to complete this verification quiz.
  • You will create your MHS GENESIS password. A new password will need to becreated every 180 days.
  • Once you have successfully created your DS Logon, click on "Upgrade To PremiumAccount" to upgrade your account to Premium Access to view your health records.
  • For more information or assistance with registering your DS Logon, call theDMDC/DEERS Support office at 800-538-9552 and press option 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the chief benefits of MHS GENESIS?

MHS GENESIS is the first Department of Defense-wide electronic health record to be used by all military treatment facilities. By the time that MHS GENESIS is fully implemented throughout all of the DoD, patients will be able to receive care from any military treatment facility knowing that their health records will follow them. As a unified record, MHS GENESIS will simplify the safe transitions of care across military operations to include at home, in a deployed status, and during permanent change of station moves.

How is MHS GENESIS different from CAL MED's current electronic health record systems?

Like all Army military treatment facilities, CAL MED currently uses several electronic health record systems for inpatient records, outpatient records, emergency room records, and other areas of care. While care teams can view patients' records in the different systems, this requires extra time to navigate all of the records. With MHS GENESIS, all patient records will be found in one single records system. In addition, for the first time ever, all military branches will use one electronic health records system so that no matter where patients receive their care, their records will follow them.

What will I notice about what's new with MHS GENESIS?

The primary difference that patients will notice is the Patient Portal. While receiving care at MTFs which use MHS GENESIS, patients will no longer use RelayHealth and Tricare Online except for limited functions, such as requesting new providers. With the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal, patients will now be able to directly request appointments and view provider notes. In addition, test and lab results will automatically appear in the Patient Portal.

When will I be able to start using the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal?

While patients may be able to log on to the Patient Portal and explore it during the weeks leading up to the transition to MHS GENESIS, the Patient Portal will not be active until September 7, 2019. At that time, patients may begin using the Patient Portal to message their care teams, see their medical notes, look at their lab and test results, and more. Only medical notes, messages and results from September 7, 2019, or later will appear in the Patient Portal.

When patients move, will their new military treatment facilities be using MHS GENESIS?

The Department of Defense has a multi-year plan for all military treatment facilities to transition to MHS GENESIS. CAL MED is in the second wave of military treatment facility to transition to MHS GENESIS. If patients go to a site without MHS GENESIS, their care teams will still be able to view their MHS GENESIS records through the Joint Legacy Viewer software. Patients should stay registered in RelayHealth and Tricare Online so that they can continue to use it if needed when they PCS.

MHS GENESIS - Patient Portal (2024)
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