Samoyed dogs for sale in Ireland (2024)

The Samoyed is a strikingly beautiful and highly intelligent breed of dog, originally bred in Siberia to serve as working dogs for herding, hunting, and pulling sleds. Known for their distinctive, fluffy white coat, these strong and energetic dogs typically weigh in at around 23-30 kg for females and 27-34 kg for males. They exhibit an enchanting smile, which not only adds to their appeal but also prevents ice from sticking to their whiskers during colder months. As pack animals, they thrive on human companionship and are especially good with children, often adopting a gentle and protective demeanour around them. Samoyeds, however, do require consistent and patient training due to their independent and stubborn nature. With proper training and socialisation, Samoyeds can develop into well-behaved and affectionate companions that are suitable for families, individuals, or anyone seeking an energetic and resilient friend by their side.



Published 17 hours ago

Female Great Pyrenees X Samoyed puppy looking for a new home

Wexford Great Pyrenees, Samoyed Age: 6 months 1 Female

We are delighted to introduce Ruby, a spirited and vivacious Pyrenees X Samoyed puppy, currently residing in Gorey. At just 5 months old, Ruby's active temperament shines through in her eagerness to play and interact, not just with humans but with other dogs as well. She thrives on exercise and mental stimulation, making her the perfect companion for someone who leads an active lifestyle. Ruby is a loving and affectionate girl, ready to become a loyal member of her new family. She has been wormed & flea protected - due her second round of vaccinations and is in excellent health, awaiting her forever home.

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Published 4 days ago

Female Samoyed puppy

Wicklow Samoyed Age: 10 weeks 1 Female

Gorgeous female Samoyed puppy looking for new 5⭐ home.Feel free to contact me.Puppy needs to be seen to be appreciated. She will make a great family pet with extremely good temperament, very friendly puppy.Both parents are family pets, they are great with kids and very friendly towards other dogs.Pictures do no justice.Puppy is wormed up to date, vaccinated and microchipped.5 ⭐ home only! Feel free to call 0857293472 for more info.

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Published 1 week ago

Female Samoyed IKC Registered 0852024135

Kildare Samoyed Age: 3 months 1 Female

Beautiful female Samoyed puppy available in Kildare. She's the last of the litter of 3. She is a purebred Samoyed, registered with IKC, full papers available. She comes show quality lines of breeding. Both parents are family dogs and can be seen with the pup.Puppy has been reared in our family home and are well socialised with children, adults and other dogs or cat. She's started basic training. She has been wormed, received first vaccination microchipped. health checked. And now ready for her forever home. 5 star homes only for this little lady, please. If you have any questions about the breed or puppy please call or WhatsApp 0852024135

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Samoyed dogs for sale in Ireland (4)



Published 2 weeks ago

Neutered Female Samoyed Husky puppy, 8 months old

Roscommon Samoyed Age: 8 months 1 Female

An exquisite Samoyed puppy, a female with a stunning white coat. Currently residing in Roscommon, this little gem is just 8 months old and embodies the friendly temperament that Samoyeds are renowned for. She has been vaccinated and wormed, ensuring she is in the best of health and ready to join her new family. This puppy is a perfect companion for anyone looking for a loyal and affectionate friend. Her fluffy white coat and amiable nature make her a wonderful addition to any home, promising endless joy and companionship. Rehoming due to not having enough time to give to her.

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Published 3 weeks ago

Samoyed Puppies Looking for a new Forever Home

Galway Samoyed Age: 2 months

I am delighted to offer for sale my litter of Samoyed pups born on the 5th of February 2024 one female and 3 males.Puppies are vaccinated microchipped and registered with the IKC (PENDING), all pups are wormed, and Vet checked.Sire is an Irish and international show champion from one of the top kennels in the country and the Dame has many champions in her pedigree.Pups are very well socialised and looking for a caring forever home.Price on enquiryTommy Cregg 086 2719518Email tommycregg@musgrave.ieIKC Registered (PENDING)

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Samoyed dogs for sale in Ireland (7)

Samoyed dogs for sale in Ireland (2024)
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